Because it's Time For a Change

Oregon State District #3

Kevin Christman

Our region has many diverse opinions about everything but it’s commonly agreed upon that the hardworking people of this community are not being heard by their current State Senator. We can no longer stand on the sidelines writing emails and hoping our elected leader will listen. I believe voices need to be heard and the Constitutions of the US and Oregon need to be defended. They are as relevant today as the day they were written. Our basic rights are given to us by God, not the State and the Constitution is there to limit the power of government in order to ensure those rights are preserved.


I believe it’s time to stand up, return to local control of our resources, eliminate unnecessary regulation, reduce government infringements on our rights, support the rule of law and understand the common threats we face together.

The past two years have been difficult for many, personally, I suffered through the loss of my business in the Alameda fire and understand the power of community in helping each other get back on our feet. Now more than ever, I am committed to the importance of realistic commonsense solutions regarding water issues, and will support forest management practices to reduce catastrophic wildfires and maintain forest ecosystems.

As a father, I'm a proponent of school choice and strongly believe our tax dollars should follow the student so parents have alternative opportunities in educating their children, as well as a say in the curriculum. I know the responsibility of taking care of a family and keeping loved ones safe. I maintain a commitment to public safety and supporting law enforcement.

As a constitutionally minded representative I will work hard to protect our rights, stand up to Government over-reach, advocate to protect private property rights and reduce intrusionary regulations set by agenda driven policies.

As a Precinct Committee Person Coordinator for Jackson County, I have realized the need to clean up voter roles in Oregon and do all that we can to make sure our elections have integrity and are secured. Many people whom I have visited with are unaware that their voting status has been changed without their awareness to Non Affiliated Voter (N.A.V.) which eliminates your ability to vote in the primary election on May 17th. Please check your voting status before April 26th and make sure that you are registered as a Republican in order to have a vote for FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

It’s time for a new, strong voice for Oregon State Senate District #3 and I am committed to take on that much needed leadership role.

I ask for your vote this May.